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Why you need to build your beer business on strong foundations

  • Episode 12 - 00hr 54mins
  • October 26, 2017

Andy Moffat joins Andy Thorburn to discuss how he started Redemption, the state of the UK's beer market, and why focusing on quality provides the perfect foundation to market your beer effectively.

If 2008’s financial crisis taught us anything, it was that working in the financial industry was fickle business, and we would be far better off if there were more breweries. And that’s exactly what happened. On this week’s episode I’m joined by Andy Moffat, who walked away from the City, and in January 2010 had brewed his first beer in his brewery, Redemption.

Since then, Andy has been instrumental in the growth of London’s brewing scene, not only did he give Andy Smith his first brewing job, which led him to start Partizan Brewing, but he was a founding member of the London Brewers’ Alliance. I’ve heard numerous stories about Andy helping other breweries out, whether it be lending a piece of equipment, or helping with some problem solving. You could say that Andy is one of the reasons that the craft beer community in London has such a strong allegiance, and sharing culture within it.

Andy and I discuss the challenges around starting Redemption back in 2010, how the UK market has evolved, and having a strong foundation in quality but making sure that marketing is always factored in if you want to grow.

Key Insights

Cask ale is resilient, but as long as breweries ensure that cask quality is always paramount, it will be here to stay.

An online store can make a big difference to your business, but it needs to be done properly.

There are plenty of craft beer bars, but if you want your beer to stand out, good marketing is crucial.

Show notes

  • 0:05:15 Wenlock arms
  • 0:12:10 Weird Beard
  • 0:12:18 Partizan Brewing
  • 0:20:38 Small Brewers Relief changing to a staggered approach
  • 0:22:28 Efficiency is key
  • 0:24:32 One Mile End
  • 0:25:58 Pressure Drop Brewing
  • 0:26:00 Beavertown Brewery
  • 0:30:38 Cask Beer resilience
  • 0:40:41 “Branding has become a lot more important to us”
  • 0:41:00 “We should be more savvy with our marketing”
  • 0:52:28 “Doing an online store is definitely the way forward, but if you do it you have to do it well, otherwise it could end up damaging you.”
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Andy Moffat

Andy Moffat

Andy Moffat left a career in the financial industry to pursue his dream of owning a business. Fortunately for the London craft beer scene, he found homebrewing which led him to open Redemption. Andy has been the subject of plenty of praise within the beer industry, not only for his fantastic beers, but for his generous personality. 


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