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Posted by Matthew Hall

11th June 2019

If you've ever been involved on a website design project, you'll most likely have been told that you need to supply content for legal pages. We're talking Privacy Policy, Terms of Website Use, Terms of Sale (for ecommerce sites) and Cookie Policies. And let's not forget, if even one of your users might be an EU citizen, all this needs to be as GDPR compliant as possible.

I think we can all agree that it's not the most exciting part of creating a new website, but sweeping these under the carpet is a risk that most website owners can't afford to take. Unless you have the luxury of a legal department or deep enough pockets to pay a solicitor, you'll be left wondering how you can meet these obligations.

We're happy to announce we have teamed up with our friends at Legalo, a website providing a range of legal document templates, who are offering our clients two free legal packs. Take a look at the packs below and simply use the code HallwayGDPR30 at checkout to redeem your discount.

GDPR Compliance Kit

  • Get compliant with the law on GDPR
  • UK-expert-drafted templates from a GDPR specialist
  • A Comprehensive GDPR compliance kit
  • Produce your GDPR policies quickly and easily
  • Everything needed in one GDPR kit

View this package on the Legalo website

Website Compliance Package

  • Terms and conditions of trade templates (various types – both B2B and B2C sales; including ones suitable for online sales);
  • Privacy Policy (now GDPR-compliant)
  • Cookies Policy (included in the privacy policy)
  • Terms of Use of Website
  • Acceptable Use Policy (included in the terms of use of website)
  • Email Disclaimer

View this package on the Legalo website

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