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How transparency and personalisation lead to Craft Metropolis' success

  • Episode 003 - 01hr 25mins
  • June 22, 2017

Oli Meade joins Andy Thorburn to discuss the all the unexpected challenges when starting a business at the same time as starting a family, and how transparency and personalisation are vital in the craft beer industry. 

The number of craft breweries in London recently broke three figures, making the capital one of Europe’s most diverse beer cities, and arguably one of the best beer destinations in the world. One man in particular saw this coming, and set up a business curating and delivering monthly boxes of London’s vast array of beers. If you ever meet Oli Meade you’d quickly learn that passion is an incredibly strong fuel for business, and I’ve certainly been hard-pressed to find someone who cares so much about the beers, and the brewers, that he deals with. Craft Metropolis is not the only beer subscription service around but with a focus exclusively on London’s brewers, it delivers an experience indicative of the capital’s diversity, and captures the essence of a city that has inspired so many. Oli and I discuss the insanity of starting a business at the same time as starting a family, all the unexpected challenges along the way, and why transparency and personalization are vital in the craft beer industry.

Key insights

  • Do what you love, passion is an incredible fuel for business and can make a big difference in the long run. Remember, people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

  • Don’t get too close to the hype, think about what you want to achieve, and only take the constructive criticisms on board.

  • Add the personal touch, Oli’s business thrives off of the fact that every box is personally curated by him, or by his customers  themselves. And he’s always available to answer any of his customers’ questions.

 Show notes

The Plough Dulwich [3:34]

Beavertown Gamma Ray [7:10]

Nick Dwyer [9:10]

Pressure Drop - Cheeky  [26:30]

Brewheadz, Redemption  [30:40]

Canal Side, Crate Brewery, Howling Hops, Mason & Co [30:50]

Partizan Brewing White Russian iipa [44:30]

Canopy Beer Co Imperial Oyster Stout. [44:40]

Buxton Brewery & Omnipollo Yellow Belly [46:15]

Gipsy Hill Brewing Co. - Hepcat [47:10]

Brew By Numbers - Oatmeal pale ale [48:13]

Stokey Beer Fest [51:45]

Draft House [52:20]

Weird Beard [52:30]

Hackney Brewery [53:20]

Howling Hops tank bar [53:56]

Founders KBS[59:20]

Hallway on BBC. [1:06:30]

Craft Metropolis 

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Oli Meade

Oli Meade

Oli Meade is the founder and owner of Craft Metropolis, a beer box subscription service that delivers curated or self selected beers from London all across the UK. 


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