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Pete Brown on how to stand out in a crowded market, and his new book

  • Episode 001 - 01hr 30mins
  • June 22, 2017

Pete Brown joins Andy Thorburn to discuss how he got into beer writing, how the beer industry has changed since he joined it, the evolution of the term IPA and how standing in a hop field inspired him to write a book about the four key ingredients of beer.

When I first started getting into craft beer, and discovered the depths of the online beer community, there was one name that popped up more than any other. Whether it was mainstream beer media, or opinion pieces on forums, the name Pete Brown was synonymous with beer. 

I first met Pete at the Beer Marketing Awards in 2016, an event he co-founded, and was immediately blown away by the glow of passion he exuded for the beer industry, and the knowledge he called upon in a short conversation. This passion manifests in so many forms, most notably in his books, from Man Walks into a Pub, a social history of beer, right through to the Apple Orchard, the history of Cider. Pete and I discuss how he got into beer writing, how the beer industry has changed since he became a part of it, how the term IPA has evolved and how standing in a hop field made him question our relationship with the four ingredients at beer’s core and write a book about his investigative journey discovering each one.

Key insights

  • Everybody loses if we all chase the same ball, mainstream lager became boring because every big brewery was brewing the same thing.

  • Don’t be a cover band, you may be inspired by a certain beer, but don’t let it dictate everything you’re trying to achieve with your beers.

  • Our obsession with hops, yeast and malt falls completely flat when we forget about the water. Each ingredient reacts differently, so understand what water you’re brewing with and work from there.

Show notes

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Pete Brown

Our Guest

Pete  Brown is one of the most well known beer writers in the UK. From his first book, Man Walks into a Pub - a social history of beer, right through to his latest offering, Miracle Brew, Pete combines a passion for beer with an incredible knack for story telling. 


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