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How Sales and Marketing are Supporting Pressure Drop’s New Brewery

  • Episode 9 - 01hr 15mins
  • August 24, 2017

Sienna O’Rourke joins Andy Thorburn to discuss why Pressure Drop needed to hire a marketer and salesperson to support their expansion. Pressure Drop's new brewery in Tottenham will quadruple production output, challenging them to sell all that new beer.

Sexism is something that the beer industry seems to have in abundance, and the beery boys club in Australian craft beer caused one woman to leave Australia, and almost the beer industry, for a fresh start. Fortunately for us, Sienna O’Rourke decided to move to London, and while finding her feet she came across the iconic Mason & Taylor craft beer venue which confirmed that her journey in beer was not done. From working for a small independant group,to a stint running Brewdog’s Shoreditch bar, and a reunion with Ed Mason to open Mason & Company, Sienna’s established herself as a notable personality within London’s beer scene. It was only a matter of time that she left hospitality to join a brewery, and a better match could not be found than Pressure Drop brewing, who have been producing some of the most interesting beers in London for a while, such as their bay leaf wit, Wu Gang Chops the Tree. The switch had come at a perfect time for both parties, with Pressure Drop moving into their new brewery in Tottenham, enabling them to produce four times the amount of beer. With this increased availability Pressure Drop decided that they needed to progress the business by hiring their first marketer and salesperson, a move that will help them to create a wider demand, and increase their distribution. Sienna and I discuss her experiences in the beer industry, the challenges around moving to their new site, and the role of marketing and sales in growing Pressure Drop.

Key Insights:

If you focus on getting the beer right, and put product and experience first, then your business will grow organically, to a certain point.

If you want to take that growth further, Marketing and Sales is a great place to start. Your beer can speak for itself, but if you don’t engage the right audience then you will struggle to grow.

Expanding your business or moving to a new site can be incredibly stressful, but if you plan it well, are patient to find the right place, and understand what challenges could be faced, then it can be a lot easier.

Show notes:

Pressure Drop Brewing

Archive Beer Boutique [00:45]

Castle Main, XXXX, VB [1:42]

Mason and Taylor [2:26]

Craft Beer Co [2:28]

The Rake [2:29]

Brewdog [2:54]

Magic Rock [2:55]

Thornbridge [2:58]

Oakham Ales [3:00]

Kernel Brewing [3:06]

Brewdog Shoreditch [5:20]

Mason and Company [5:29]

Capish Street Food [10:26]

Devil’s Peak Brewing Co. [11:48]

Pale Fire [13:46]

Meheen Packaging line [18:50]

Braumeister [20:19]

Haringey Council [26:34]

Beavertown [27:19]

One Mile End

Redemption Brewery

Affinity Brewing

Kernel Closes bar

Pete Brown Episode 1 [35:19]

UK Craft Beer Forum [40:02]

“Most business would not be doing what they can to run a successful business if they don’t get involved in that [social media]” [44:50]

“Whether you’re making lugnuts or craft beer, there is an audience who want to know what you’re doing and they exist online”

Howling Hops [54:09]

Gravity Systems [57:40]

Meantime Brewing [1:02:24]

Michael Jackson  [1:02:28]

“I think that there are a lot of breweries that don’t understand their place in the market” [1:06:09]

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Sienna O'Rourke

Sienna O'Rourke

Sienna O'Rourke left Australia to join London's relatively young craft beer scene in 2011, finding her footing in the iconic Mason & Taylor bar in Shoreditch. This soon became Brewdog Shoreditch and after running that, Sienna reunited with Ed Mason to open Mason & Company. In July 2017, Sienna left hospitality behind to take the Sales and Marketing reigns at Pressure Drop, and to see them through their brewery expansion.


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