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Why Your Customers’ Experience is More Important than Traditional Beer Branding

  • Episode 13 - 01hr 14mins
  • November 23, 2017

Partizan Brewing's founder Andy Smith joins Andy Thorburn to shed the light on their search for investment, blow traditional branding out of the water, and tell the story of Partizan's founding

We’ve banged on this drum for long enough, but their really is something so unique about the craft beer community, and the story of Bermondsey’s Partizan Brewing is no different. This week on Craftwork I’m joined by Partizan’s founder, Andy Smith, who marched out of the fine dining kitchen and into the White Horse in Parson’s Green- an icon in London’s Craft beer history. It’s there where his home brewing stepped up under the tutelage of Steve Grae, of Affinity Brew Co, and where he got to know Andy Moffat, from redemption and our previous episode, who offered him his first professional job in brewing. Some luck and a donation from Evin at the Kernel, launch Andy into founding Partizan, and creating the excellent beers they’ve become known for.

Andy and I discuss the challenges around finding the right investors to take them forward, their approach to branding, and how partizan has got to where it is.

Key Insights

If you’re looking for investment, make sure that you find investors who match your ambitions, and your ethos.

There are many approaches to building a brand, but ultimately you need to first focus on creating a great product, and building a brand upon that. If you want to take that brand to the next step, every single experience with your brand is vital, whether that be tap room or website.

Show Notes

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Andy Smith

Andy Smith

Andy Smith spent years mastering flavours in the kitchen, before throwing in the kitchen towel with little idea of what to do next. He stumbled into Parson's Green's White Horse where his interest in homebrewing quickly reignited his passion for high quality produce and flavour. Redemption's Andy Moffat interviewed him in his van while delivering around west London, and soon gave Andy his first professional job in brewing. A couple year later and Andy founded Partizan Brewing, one of Bermondsey's favourite breweries.


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