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Traditional web design that takes months to build and remains static after launch doesn’t work anymore - especially not for an industry like craft beer that thrives on its ability to adapt. We have a different method; one that helps you overcome the challenges of a growing brewery, and achieve your dreams for the business. It’s called Growth-Driven Design and it will change the way you view website design forever.

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In an age of technology-driven marketing, a website needs to look more than pretty. It needs to perform. So get strategic and build a high performance marketing website that delivers an increase in brand value and a higher return on investment (ROI).

Starting with a detailed analysis of your business, we’ll take a hard look at factors such as project goals, competitors and KPIs. These help us build an accurate profile of your business and develop the right strategic approach. We’ll also identify your target audience – their age, gender, income, values, interests, lifestyles and much more. After all, your website shouldn’t be all things to all people. It needs to highly targeted to get the best results.

Utilising best practice web design and development techniques, we’ll then build a website that’s not only beautiful and functional but that improves the bottom line. Regularly monitoring your website and other digital assets, tracking their ROI and refining your strategy, we relentlessly fight your digital corner to maximise your online success. 

  • Drive more traffic to your site  
  • Convert customers 
  • Boost online revenue   
  • Stay secure 

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Hallway guided us through the best options available to us, ultimately delivering a fantastic website that our customers love. The guys always look for new ways to improve conversions, and this has led to a 30% increase in sales, and that figure is still growing!

Dave Henderson

Director, Bigger Jugs