Craftwork Growth Club

Working together to grow craft beer businesses

Craftwork Growth Club brings together the UK’s most passionate and ambitious craft beer businesses to share ideas, insights and expertise on how to succeed in the UK Craft Beer Scene, from startup to regional & international expansion.

With a focus on business growth, positioning, sales, brand awareness and marketing, Craftwork gives members exclusive access to inspirational speakers, fascinating interviews, evening events, refreshing advice, invaluable information and great beer, of course.

Member Benefits

Apply to Join

Craftwork Growth Club is a curated community, so you’ll need to apply to join.

By applying before 15th January, 2018, you’ll get to enjoy 3 months full membership with 10% off. As a founding member, you’ll also get to shape the community into what you want it to be and be part of the journey right from the beginning.

Founding Members must be:

Business owners, directors or senior managers of a craft beer business or association


An author, thought-leader or spokesperson for the craft beer industry

We are committed to providing a support-led community where members seek out suppliers on their terms. The community is not one for others to overtly sell into or spam.  If you work in a sales role, or in the craft beer media, please contact us about alternative membership options and access to networking events.

Full Growth Membership: £99 +VAT per month
Founding Member Offer: 10% off this price in your first 3 months
Full access to online Slack community, exclusive speaker-led events and content, PLUS special invite to other events, workshops, seminars and monthly London networking events (with beer)

The Full Growth Membership is where you will find the most benefit - however, after three months there is the option for a reduced basic online-only membership for £49 +VAT.

There is no joining fee and you can cancel at any time, with just 30 days notice.

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