SEO Starter Guide - Understanding the basics of Search Engine Optimisation

Simply creating a website and putting it online won't result in droves of visitors looking at your site. You need a site that's visually appealing (hire a professional graphic designer), has all the features and pages you need (get a good web developer for this) and ticks all the boxes when it comes to being search engine friendly.

Many websites today are built quickly and cheaply, and often at the expense of proper attention to basics of on-page SEO.

Google have released an updated version of their excellent SEO Starter Guide, available for free right now.

The guide gives any willing reader a good overview of the SEO process, and helps identify where assistance may be required to take things further - especially in competitive markets. Readers should realise that SEO is not black magic - it just takes time, effort and experience.

If you're looking for help with Search Engine Optimisation for your website, get in touch today to see how we can help!

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