My first year as a Front-end Developer after graduate placement at Hallway

Huzzah! I’ve officially been at Hallway for a year! And what an enjoyable year it’s been. I’ve learnt an incredible amount, worked on several interesting projects and met some great people. As most of you know, digital marketing is a pretty fast paced industry - and I wanted to share with you how I’ve found my first year working at Hallway.

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Team lunch at Bill's. What a bunch of beautiful people! #hallwaylife
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Prior to working at Hallway full-time, I came here on a 3-month work placement during the summer of my second year at Bournemouth University. Having never worked within the industry, the transition from the classroom to the workplace was pretty big. Although there were many transferable skills from University such as working towards tight deadlines and working closely within a team, I was most worried about the actual level of my design and development skills. Luckily, one of the perks of being at Hallway (among getting a pretty rad Bonsai Tree) is the support and encouragement the team offers you to progress your skills. A great example of this was being able to use office facilities and getting tonnes of help from our senior developer whilst working on my final project for University.

Fast-forward a year and I’ve worked on developing several websites, including Bigger Jugs, Barrett Bell and the Hallway site itself! Still as hungry to learn and keep on top of digital trends as I was in my work placement, Hallway continues to support and encourage me by sending me to several networking evenings, digital events and workshops. As anyone in digital media will you tell you, it’s pretty easy to overwork yourself when the work you create is so engaging. However, I’ve found that with the team and culture here it can be quite easy to escape that constant iteration of checking your emails and working. From nineties movie nights to table football competitions or even just grabbing a craft beer, there're so many ways to help recharge your batteries.

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Advanced Shopify Theme Development workshop #shopify #ecommerce #development #workshop
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So, to sum up my first year here at Hallway I can definitely say I’ve not only learnt a lot but had a good time doing it. For anyone reading this that wants to get into digital, I would highly encourage you to head on over to our careers site and send us an email, we’re always looking for talented people to join the team! Or if emailing isn’t your thing, I’d suggest just popping over to our office for a coffee and a chat (we tend to buy pretty tasty biscuits too).

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