Hallway Discusses Craft Beer on BBC Radio 4

On Wednesday 29th March 2017, Hallway’s Andy Thorburn appeared on BBC Radio 4’s iconic consumer programme, You and Yours alongside Heineken’s Nigel Pollard. The programme discussed the state of the craft beer market in the UK and how big brewers’ and supermarkets’ reactions to the growth in the market are affecting the industry, from pubs to consumers.

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During the segment Andy makes 3 key points:

  • Big Brewers are reacting to the growth in the market by releasing their own craft implied products, that are produced at a lower cost and thus undercut craft breweries.

  • The rate of pub closures is down from 27 per week in 2015 to 21 per week in 2017, and it is those pubs who are adapting to the change in consumer demand that are surviving.

  • 520 breweries registered with Companies House in 2016, a 55% increase on the year before, which is probably not sustainable, but for the foreseeable future, there is not likely to be a collapse in the market.

There is a lot more to discuss on the state of craft beer, and right now we're in the process of compiling a report on the market, following on from our article State of the UK craft beer market in 2016.

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